A4 - 7mm Squared Tinted Exercise Book - (Red Cover)

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Our range of A4 tinted squared exercise books (squared both sides) is available in nine colours and each book has 48 pages with 7mm squares ruling.

Our range of tinted exercise books is made with 80gsm paper and each page is ruled with a 7mm square grid of lines.

Notes in a workbook don't have to move around! Children with Visual Stress often find it as difficult to write on white paper as they do to read from it. Writing can be untidy and presentation poor, because the words they write are affected in just the same way as the printed words they read. Revision from poor presentation is difficult and discouraging.

The right colour workbook can make learning easier and improve grades.

Our A4 tinted squared exercise books (squared both sides) are now available in these nine colours: -

  • Aqua
  • Blue
  • Cream
  • Green
  • Lilac
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Turquiose
  • Yellow

Each book has a cover with notation for Name, Class and Subject and contains 48 pages.

Also available as a pack containg one of each of the nine colours at a special price.

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